After spending hours trying to figure out errors when attempting to link my firebase app with my app in Xcode, I gave up last night. This morning I tried again following a very helpful video from Replicode ( It took me 95% of the way to success, but I was still getting a build failed which was frustrating. I tried tinkering around with stuff to see if I could get it to work, but no go. Finally, I decided to read the error in the console more closely. It said something about not being able to find  the Google Service list. That’s something that you bring in early in the Firebase process so I had my Google list there but in my case it was called Unknown-4. I wondered if the error could be as simple as fixing the name. What the hell, right? I changed the name to the file name specified in the console error, crossed my fingers and ran the file. a

Voila! Build succeeded! Holy crap I feel great. Next up, I am going to tackle Facebook login.

Steps I took

Create app in Firebase (you’ll need bundle identifier immediately and drag in Google Service List)

Create Xcode project

Create pod file using pod init in terminal

Add line to pod file using Sublime and save

Pod install in terminal

Close Xcode project and open project workspace file which has been created in that folder

Run and see if it will succeed

What else helped?

Connecting my device to the computer so now the app runs on my phone (cool, huh?)


The lesson I learned is that little things in coding can make a big difference!

Facebook login awaits me. I hope it takes less time than Firebase but I’m not counting on it 🙂