Documenting the pain as I learn how to build an iOS app.

I’ve been learning iOS development from Udemy, YouTube and wherever else I can find information but it’s been a bumpy ride. Still, I’ve been making progress. or so I thought! I had an app in mind that I wanted to build. I have learned enough that I knew that I needed to connect a database to make my app work. Since so people recommended it, I decided to try Firebase. I have spent hours and hours now trying to get Firebase now trying to get it to link up to my empty Xcode project with no luck. I’ve deleted the project and started over multiple times. I’m getting frustrated! I must persevere, but man, it really sucks when you’re stuck.

I will try again tomorrow and will document my steps. Maybe I’ll have better luck?

After Firebase is linked up, its on to Facebook login. Wish me luck!