I wrote out the needs of the app I imagined in English to give me a better idea of how to put this together. I’ve bolded user actions (that means button) and colored the Facebook login section as I still have no idea how to do that. This will get improved/updated as I move forward. onward and upward!


When app is opened:

  1. It should check to see if user has linked Facebook account with app
  2. If yes, go immediately to 4. If no then goto 3
  3. Show Facebook login button and logo
  4. User leaves app. No further action necessary
  5. User clicks Facebook login button
  6. User grants permission to link Facebook account
  7. Accounts successfully linked
  8. Show covers page with random image, heart button, x button dashboard buttons plus hidden features
  9. User touches x button (Goto 15)
  10. User touches heart button (Goto 17)
  11. User touches image (Goto 22)
  12. User touches Que button (Goto 28)
  13. User touches Settings button
  14. User touches Analytics button
  15. Image and associated information is removed (user shouldn’t see again ever)
  16. Return to 8
  17. App checks to see if there are fewer than 50 books on list
  18. If Yes, then current book is immediately added to list
  19. If No, then user receives message that list is full. Remove book on list?
  20. If Yes, user is taken to reading que and they can remove a book
  21. If No, then message disappears and user sees original image (Then goto 8)
  22. Image disappears
  23. Author bio, Book description appears
  24. User touches Author Biography (Goto 26)
  25. User touches Book description (Goto 27)
  26. Author biography revealed
  27. Book description revealed
  28. Show list of books that user liked (Array)
  29. User can highlight currently reading book (1)
  30. Remove books from list
  31. Add books to list (Append array)
  32. Touching the home button (Goto 8)
  33. User can review current preferences and make changes as appropriate
  34. User touches home button (Goto 8)
  35. User sees analytics about their reading preferences and if an author, analytics about their books
  36. User touches home button (Goto 8)