So, I’ve spent all day, yeah, all day, trying to get Facebook login to work but no go. I think I will skip this for now and just be happy that I’ve been able to link Firebase with the app. In the meantime, I at least got a better idea of how the various pieces of my app are going to fit together.

Users login with Facebook (to be done)

The app takes users to the second view controller where book cover images are shown (images are stored at image shack or Amazon S3). Whenever an image needs to be changed, Firebase calls the next image from ImageShack (or Amazon).

Users can:

touch the heart (love it. gets added to list if room available. option to delete from list to create room for addition) This is a button

touch the x which means bad. no change to your list. move on to next image. This is a button

touching the image results in additional hidden categories being revealed (author bio, book description, other books, etc) a preview is offered for each, but users must touch a category to reveal all information available. Buttons and hidden features

a button at the top takes users to the dashboard. This is a button

dashboard allows users to move to ques, settings, analytics or back to images. These are all buttons

ques allows users to review what’s in their reading que, list que, uploaded books, books read. UI Table

settings allows users to adjust their preferences. These are buttons

analytics reveals to users what others think of their books by demographic or provides insight into a user’s own reading habits compared to friends, etc. Sourced from Firebase analytics which has to be enabled

finally, a user should be able to return to the image area from the dashboard. This is a button

Bit by bit I have to complete each of these pieces. It’s not good that I can’t figure out Facebook login though 😦 I’ll keep plugging away though!

I’ll start putting together a pseudocode for the above features.