I took a few months off which was necessary as I moved and I needed a break as I was getting frustrated from making little progress on my app. The last few weeks I have returned and joined a couple of Swift groups. Between Udemy courses, Googling and YouTube tutorials, I have learned quite a bit. So what has happened with my app?

Well, after a few false starts, I finally have Facebook login working. That’s right seriously! I gave up on that at one point, but I figured it out and its working. Yeah, baby! I still have to adjust the button and pull in demographic information, but I can log in, which is super cool.

I also learned a lot of little things which is making my IOS development skills much improved. For example, I did not realize that when you added a view controller on storyboard, it should be connected to a new view controller.m which you have to create. My bad :-0

I added a navigation controller which automatically adds a back button for users rather than me having to add it 🙂

I did most of the coding (Thanks Firebase!) to be able to upload images to Firebase storage using image picker. However, a weird thing is happening. The view controller is blank. There should be an upload button and a progress bar, but for me nothing.

That’s my sticking point right now. I’m trying to figure it out, but if you have a suggestion, definitely let me know. The good news is I feel the wind at my back!