When you’re building a somewhat complicated app, it always feels like you’re moving from one problem to the next. While it’s exciting to have finished Facebook login (at least to some degree) there are other key components that need to be developed.

The next such project that I am going to work is an image randomizer. Basically, within the app what it does is randomly select images and display them in the Tinder like rating page to for users to check out. After that is developed, I will attempt to customize the above code select images from Firebase storage where users will be uploading images to when the app is live.

I am also having a problem as I destroyed my iPhone during a recent camping trip to Big Bend National Park and the simulator doesn’t appear to be working for my app. Not sure why. It could be a settings thing. I will have to look into that.

Ok. That should be enough on my plate for now. Off to work. I will post later about my success (or lack thereof) on the image randomizer.