I was excited when I got Facebook login to work, kind of. Now however, I’m stuck in hell and not sure what to do. I’ve found some boilerplate code to allow users to select an image from their library (hopefully a book cover) and added a progress bar and a button onto the view controller. In the code is already the IBOutlet and IBActions items necessary so it should work, right? Nope. Nothing is shown or works on that view controller. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get this to work, but no go so far.

I have an App developer Meetup coming up on Thursday that I will be going to. I intend on asking all kinds of questions to get this resolved so hopefully this will be done.

I’ve also found a video on how to randomly generate images using Swift. I’m not sure if that indicates how to connect to Firebase Storage.

Another area that I am baffled by is how to create subviews. I have two view controllers which will have subviews, but how to actually create that is beyond me.

The final two things that I am flummoxed by right now are UI Table view which seems very confusing and how to randomly fetch images from Firebase Storage.

I almost forgot that I need to figure out how to chain together images and text information to make it easy to retrieve them together.

So those are my pain points for right now. I’ll keep you updated.