I went to an app developers meetup recently. They were nice guys and I enjoyed chatting with them. I managed to get some help on one of my issues. My progress bar and upload button were not showing up and I had no idea why.

One of the developers there was kind enough to fix that for me. The solution? Putting in constraints. It was that simple, seriously. Additionally, I didn’t have connections (outlet and action) for my progress bar and upload button so he put those in as well. Shame on me! I can now see those items on the view controller when I run the app on the simulator. When I click the upload button, it pulls up images that I can select from.

It still isn’t working though. The app crashes after I select an image. What’s the problem now? I’m just guessing, but I think it has to do with the file path for where to store the images. I had a generic one in there from when I copied the code from a tutorial, but I have put in my own file path. I just don’t know what the correct way to put that in is yet. I will contact Firebase for help.

Of course, it could be a different problem entirely, but I guess I will find that out once I fix the file path.

Once I can upload images to firebase from the app, then I will work on the random image generator (doesn’t look too hard) and fetching/downloading images from Firebase which obviously need to go hand in hand.

A step closer to having a finished app, but plenty of work to do.