I sent out an email to family and friends, announcing that my app would be launching within sixty days. Sixty days sounds like a lot, but it really isn’t and now I’m feeling the pressure. I’ve also run into some problems. Plus, I haven’t found a job here in Dallas so money is becoming a concern. I need to monetize this app! Below is a summary of the most significant problems:

Errors trying to show and hide subviews

Problems with constraints/auto layout

Uploading an image results in the new image overwriting the previously existing image. I need buckets for each user

How to grab the download token for each image uploaded so I can call them to download

I have code for a random image generator and it works beautifully! Unfortunately, parts of it reference Parse and I am using Firebase. I messaged the instructor where I found the code and asked for help so we’ll see if that is forthcoming. Otherwise I am left to my own devices to try to figure it out.

Plenty of work to do and time is short so I’ll leave it at that.